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We bring the clarity and support that a business leader requires to make decisions. Strategy is an over used word, and like common sense, the application of it is believed to be possessed by all in abundance.

Believing there is lots of time for strategy and planning in the future, it is disregarded, especially in emerging companies, and growth is pursued aggressively. We believe that both strategy and planning are important components in any growing business. Growth without planning increases the odds against success, and like they say fortune meets the well prepared.
Growth Basics
In our experience and general management literature, one can safely say only 10% of companies who start life succeed in sustaining growth over a five year period. We help new companies grow by helping them gain maturity in all their support functions so that their core business has a strong launchpad.

Growth basics are People, Process and Infrastructure. Our range of services help us provide advice and execution to the client. Quite often a growing company gets good advice from a consultant and yet loses its way because good advice needs the right people using the right infrastructure and the right processes to be successfully implemented. We ensure that this gap is bridged by providing these services directly or through our Partners with proven track records. It is essential for growth stage companies to have a service provider who has a broad range of services. For example, we provided a Media company that was taking some time to find its feet, find the right individual to head Finance, raise debt, formulating a Performance management system and created Processes for them.
Reset Advisory
Similarly 50% companies languish despite a good product due to bad strategy and poor support functions. Most cases of companies surviving for long periods of time with stagnant growth rates is entirely attributable to lack of good support functions which in turn hampers effective leadership. There is this mistaken notion that many promoters have about key support functions being fancy add-ons. The realization that they were wrong comes after a few years by which time the bus has left. We help by strengthening the support functions which is the vital launchpad to restart and get back on track.

A chemical company that was 30 years old had a history of making unique products and then losing those products to competitors who scaled up operations. We helped the promoter first consciously realize that lack of support functions was severely hampering the ability to scale up. Production delays, procurement delays, funding delays were all on account of the Promoter and the R&D head choosing to run the company themselves. After realization comes execution and we revamped their Processes relating to procurement, collection and production planning. At the end of the first year the company's margin was the highest in the last six years owing to improvements in collection, fund management and serviced orders.
Family Business
Should we let go or keep it in or how much control to retain? We help answer this question where the biggest gain to the promoter is not so much financial but the clarity on the best way to manage the business.

We help bring about that clarity and remove the uncertainty associated with it. We helped a small company with widely varying businesses managed by brothers to identify best fit between family members and the businesses. The process was complex because it involved a combination of analytics, tact and persuasion.
Quite often before we start an engagement we use a set of diagnostics to determine the type and mode of intervention. It helps the client know what's wrong and what is needed to be done to set it right. Clients are also facilitated through brainstorming opportunities, prioritizing strategic options and navigating potential pitfalls through these workshops.
One of the big entry barriers to SME's is the lack of good people. That’s something we all know, nothing very insightful. SME's by definition do not have the money to pay for experienced staff. So whats insightful.

On the demand side a fair number of SME promoters feel that they should focus on the core and the rest will look after itself. Thats right at the start, but the key to scale up is good support functions. On the supply side, consulting firms feel that they should be specialists. How can we be a HR firm, a Finance firm, an IT firm, a marketing firm, a law firm all rolled into one. Somehow most specialist consultants miss the biggest reality. Any company who has reached a credible level of success and has sustained it for a significant period has done it only because of the interplay of all these various functions. So why do they find it difficult to be a multi specialty consulting firm.

We bring a slice of a big-company support function to an SME through the "Virtual Organization" so that it can grow faster. Companies that have reached mid size with a team in place, and are in need of leadership, we provide "Virtual Leadership" where our CXO's work together to provide the neccessary direction to the team. So how do we manage the costs involved, how do we get a range of partners to provide 'big company support'. Firstly and obviously an SME does not require a full time CXO/Manager which means cost can be shared. Secondly we conciously choose to work with a mix of clients. Big and small. This helps us to cross pollinate. Our work with big clients keeps us near the top of the body of knowledge and exposure required to keep our specialization. Our second level staff who will be the firm's future leaders, help us take the pollen from the big to the small under our guidance. This helps us manage costs and yet provide a world class experience to SME's. Thirdly we choose to take a stake in companies which we believe we can help reach greater heights. We take the risk of investing our time along with the promoter because all of us want to be part of creating a few enterprises in our lifetime.
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