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Partners help us deepen our own service, extend new service lines and access to new geographies. Besides, we are quite focused on providing a complete range of services, making partners crucial to our delivery. This focus is based on our belief that solutions are impaired due to silos in organizations and the silo [practice oriented] style of delivery that most advisors have. Partnership helps us to be complete and seamless. We have a deep relationship with most of our key partners dating back to at least six years at inception in 2011, which is why they are partners in the genuine sense of the word.
Automotive Management R&D Management Consulting
We work with Automotive OEMs and Tiered Suppliers with business operations in India, to help face three key challenges to win in today’s dynamic business environment: Agility: Making quick and informed decisions in a complex, fast-paced, competitive business environment and understanding cost/ value implications across the value chain Innovation: Adopting innovations in engineering concepts, technologies, and business systems to be on the cutting- edge and create more value for customers Profitability: Maximizing customer opportunity across the relationship lifecycle with offerings needed to gain repeat business, new markets, and stability
Lead Grow Consulting
Set up by one of the members of our leadership team it aims at providing three practice lines Leadership Training and Operational Excellence. Their Leadership training in terms of content and philosophy resonates with the core values of Ubika and so they are our partners for L&D which we believe is one of the essential requirements for most growing organizations.
As design consultants to the fearless, Dhakka & Bhagat are two designers with a desire to be associated with start ups and work that is spread around a variety of clients like Gandhi Fellowship, PepsiCo, Avantha [Gautam Thapar Group], Brooke Bond and others. We work closely with them to help our clients clarify their message and positioning.
IT is, in our belief, the most important part of infrastructure from the perspective of room for incremental improvement. Sparsh is our IT partner which helps us work on Application development, maintenance for our clients. Set up by two IT professionals in 1992, it focuses on the small and middle market.
Julia Lucas the founding partner of H&JL is a an expert in the Logistics and Warehousing business after having spent nearly 15 years where the last five years were as CFO and Member of the Board of CPD Logistics and Amethyst Group. She now works with start-ups and early stage businesses, especially when the initial energy and enthusiasm has evaporated or problems have arisen by helping them with change management, strategy and growth.
a leading Brazilian law firm in the fields of infrastructure, regulated markets and public procurement. The firm was started by Marcal Justen Filho in 1986 and now has three offices in Sao Paulo, Rio and Brasilia. JPOT is our gateway to South America and Brazil.
Ideate Plus is our gateway to the final frontier Africa. A management consulting firm set up by two managers from KPMG, provides strategy, organization, human resources, and process and operational improvement services. We work on helping Indian clients extend into Africa and our own knowledge transfer work to clients in Nigeria.
An Australian company which provides IT Solutions we feel very strongly about. There is an enormous amount of information stored on papers and then become irretrievable. There is a lot of document creation and collaboration work that can be greatly simplified with the use of IT. A simple use is the creation of a standard document which can be automated by answering predefined variables. Nearly 50% of time can be saved while creating a document like this. A more complex use is like a Deal room which can be shifted online securely and the final document can be made and reviewed by a large team of specialists with security controls for reviewers and selective access to different users including third parties through online collaboration.
Fenix provides turnaround and restructuring services to mid market companies. Our work invariably involves complex transactions and are always demanding owing to the unique situations they are in. The key value that Fenix adds to the organization is its ability to work along with the organization and help it execute the restructuring plans or growth strategies.
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