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HOW WE CAN HELP - IT Enablement
IT is the lifeblood of any organization and the biggest factor for single city companies growing into multinational giants that we see today. IT is what makes life easier if understood correctly and implemented methodically. We seek all kinds of ways that IT can be used effectively and sustainably.

Our philosophy on IT Enablement is that the nature of problems faced by companies in a particular segment and a particular size are generally the same with a few exceptions. This implies that clients should check the veracity of their requirements before wondering if a mature ERP is not able to solve their unique problem.
IT Diagnostic
Less than 30% of IT projects are successful. Our varied experience and skills help us perform deep diagnostics and remove uncertainty regarding IT projects and help in efficient allocation of resources.
Private Equity Advisory
The firm across all its geographies attempts to select clients that it sees has future potential and works closely with them. These are the deals that the firm brings to the table. Deals where we know the promoters, the business and we ourselves have a stake increasing the probability exponentially of successful deals.

Specifically, P Sreekumar has been CFO with a PE fund, Ayan has been a Company Secretary with an investee company and a legal advisor to a PE Fund itself, George and Sundar have headed the Finance function in investee companies which gives the firm an all round view of the PE landscape.
Deal Generation
One of the prime reasons for establishing this firm was to identify high growth stories, invest our consulting capital in them to make them ready for growth and investment. We also as a firm or individual members take stake in the company which ensures the PE fund that our skin too is in the game.

Most of the clients we would bring to the funding table would have passed through substantial intervention from us over a significant period of time. This dramatically increases the probability of bringing high quality deals to the table.
Due Diligence
Our experience with emerging companies help us to go beyond financial statements and contracts analysis. We know like many Private equity Investors know, that the truth is only the tip of the iceberg in financial statements. Our experience with growing companies helps us pick up signs and indications of what's wrong and what's not wrong.
Strategic Interventions
Many investments lose value to varying extents and the nature of intervention required may be a CFO or a change in strategy, a change in leadership or process redesign or a comprehensive turnaround. Our extensive consulting and operational background gives private equity investors the capacity to probe deep and fast into a company and quickly ascertain the right intervention for the company.
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