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HOW WE CAN HELP - Financial Capital Talk to Ravi Doriswamy /Jyothirmai Raju
The second most important resource is money. Historically there has been [and probably will continue to remain] an arguable misallocation of money and ideas/enterprise.

The proof of our assertion is the strikingly high number of failed businesses compared to successful ones. The misallocation is due to lack of perfect knowledge of the risks and benefits of a particular idea. Perfect knowledge is hard to come by, we aim to do our best to reduce that misallocation and get money to where it can be put to use profitably and sustainably.
Providing a comprehensive solution requires control over some of the key aspects of the Finance value chain. This enables us to put together multi skilled teams to provide a solution which is sustainable and efficient.
We also believe that Strategic solutions can stick only when one has control over the underlying processes. As a corollary Process solutions provide a big picture and robust solution due to the strong interaction with the Strategy side.
Fund Raise & Management
Our approach to fund raise is significantly different. It constrains our volume but increases our quality. We chose to work with our clients first to gain first hand knowledge of the competence of the team and value of the business based on which we go to pitch to potential investors and lenders. Our cross functional team gives us the ability to evaluate and help clients which helps us decide if they are good credit or equity risks.

We ourselves take equity in companies that we believe in as a significant tradeoff for premium fees. This ensures that our skin is in the game which gives greater confidence to the potential investor and continued involvement to keep the investment on course. We helped a tool company raise working capital with low quality collateral because the Banker was aware of our two year long association with the client and was confident to take the credit risk.
M&A Advisory
The team:

We are a deliberate combination of people who have skills across industries, functions and organization types. So we have bankers, Corporate Finance professionals, CFO’s of big companies and small companies across different industries. This gives us domain knowledge across industries and perspective from both sides of the table

we like to work with clients which helps us take a decision on whether we should take it for a funding intervention or a M&A transaction. We work at the business and process level which gives us deep understanding of the client and therefore we are able to present quality funding propositions to the investor / lender.

The diversity and depth of our team reflects in the depth and diversity of our relationships too. So we are able to tap Domestic / International lenders and investors who could be either large / medium or small.
CFO Advisory
We have a bank of ex CFO's of large, mid sized, small, startups, domestic, international companies from Manufacturing, Services and Utilities backgrounds who often provide a one stop shop to some of our clients who want a senior professional to come in and guide their finance function. This is part of our CXO service suite and we provide this service largely to emerging companies / mid sized companies who realize the crucial role of a CFO/CXO. We consider this role as our point from which we can contribute to the company' s evolution into a larger and better company.
For small organizations we can step in as the Finance team, set up the function, grow it by hiring and developing front line staff

In a span of 3 to 9 months we would pull out and leave the execution to the team.

We could continue as Virtual Leaders for another six to 18 months.
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