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  We are a group of highly experienced specialists with diverse backgrounds working together as a firm, to identify organizations that have the potential to be the near-big enterprises of tomorrow and help them grow.

Postponement of gratification is the basis of a higher civilization. This drives us to invest our time and skills in these select organizations and postpone gratification through lean fees and equity. In that sense we are like a venture capital firm inasmuch as we invest time and skills for future returns. We help them realize their potential by working to strengthen their enabling functions viz. Human Capital, Finance, Strategy, Process and IT.

We are guided by a set of beliefs and values which are time tested and on the back of the proven ability of our team.
  CXO Services  
  Each of our practice leaders and other senior staff double up as CXO's because we believe that we deliver greatest value by leading from the front for our clients so that we are in full control of delivering value to our clients.  
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  SME Hub  
  One of the big entry barriers to SME's is the lack of good people. That’s something we all know, nothing very insightful. SME's by definition do not have the money to pay for experienced staff. So whats insightful.  
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  Virtual Leadership  
  Companies who have pulled into the medium league and face off with the big boys realize that they lack big company leadership skills for most of their support functions.

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